Slow Harvest

by Early Settler

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Recorded in New York City.

All music written and performed by Anthony Negrete (Early Settler)

© Early Settler


released December 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Early Settler California

Anthony Negrete is a 20 somethin' year old songwriter from Santa Barbara, California who began writing in late Winter 2011. After being caught within his native surroundings, finally came to discover which direction to go. Influenced by both the classic/modern Folk, Early Settler mixes raw vocals and always an adventure of a chorus. ... more

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Track Name: Black Hole
"Black Hole"

Carousel spin me around
show me the ones who care
bout movement of wind
that no one can win
when all said and done who's left

If this is the reason why
the world is a lullaby

I've nothing to give
and nothing to take
but to lay in these leaves and stay
bright morning sun
wheel of the sky
how to dance with the seasons
I've tried

If this is the reason why
the world is a lullaby

Harvest this day
the seed pickers came
shoutin' the birds away
pulling the chain
by beaks, flailing wings
they pierce through the earth
and sing

If this is the reason why
the world is a lullably

No sound to be heard
if no one's around
how did it come to this
go out on your own
reap what you sow
to see what another can miss

If this is the reason why
the world is a lullaby
if this is the reason why
then come lay by

© Early Settler
Track Name: Of Wilder Ones
"Of Wilder Ones"

I've been
looking for adventure along
forgotten woods for buried gold
forgot the light
now walking cold
how could I then
confess to this

Didn't care
how far or long we came to this
young fired heart
of wilderness
imagination caught my eye
like looking back
like you were there
cradled earth moved by surprise
and honestly this vast unknown
ever seems repeating time
didn't want to stay or go

you've left me country-blind before
where shadows came and ran the course
well I didn't sign for this you hear
I want the love that you hold dear
on a field where foxes roam
tired by the sapphire coat
still pull the weight of some hero
defeated by unwanted thrill
now bright immortal lover sing
you pure the air I walk and breath
how honey sweet, the harvest sees
me to you and you to be

Some wait for you
to go out alone
but don't let this go
down like the rest

I came
heavy hearted held in hand
these weary eyes are all to show
I've been to places none like here
none of which to call my own

© Early Settler
Track Name: For the Love of the Road
"For the Love of the Road"

Strange afternoons
found myself in a place so far from home
where no one knew
what the hell
slow'n down would do
at the crest of the tallest hill
began to wonder
what it's like to settle here

So here I go
for the love
of the road

If dreams cracked the sky
don't want no villain
comin' round to ask
where all this goes
tell him seas, with the breeze, through lightning
cursing up the road
another traveler
livin' track by track like he
doesn't know how far to go
Says, "I'm bored, in search for more"

So here I go
for the love
of the road

Hard was the rain
a howl'n down
how quick these highways change
racing minds
Weather's no good to me now

Here I go
for the love
of the road

Reflections beaming down
tides roll on
never was a kind of trust
still sparrows build
a nest upon a shed in Winter

Here I go
for the love
of the road
yeah, here I go
for the love of the road

© Early Settler
Track Name: The Silence Between the Leaves and the Wings
"The Silence Between the Leaves and the Wings"

Can I come home to you
to feel right, to feel more alive
throw the diamonds in the lake
and swim your own way back to me

The silence
between the leaves and the wings
fill the hollowness of woods
with spring in the blood
of the crow

Your blouse is the note
my rhythm afloat
guess the mountains are safe for us
down in the grain
you ran wild and sang
spilling coffee all around you

Wind in the wheat
that strong withered horse
you say "all things are beautiful"
I'll be there if all
your mountains should fall
and pick you up
oh, pick you up

So weathered love
no need to rush
see the sky chases sun
wild deer on the run
only for a little while
I'm foolish for you
like tethering plumes
well maybe we're something new

Can I come home to you
to feel right, to feel more alive

© Early Settler
Track Name: Language of Flowers
"Language of Flowers"

This is the language you spoke
as we rode through the valley
carelessly I went along
cause the light from the sun
follows you where you go

Hillsides rain
something strange I never knew
my worries in hand
lead me on quicker through

You stopped for a moment
and pointed out
said "the wolves in the field are proud"
some born kind of sin
that silently walk the earth

Gust of wind
sweep me back in
turn me into a lover
so I will not lose another

Show me clouds
what you've done with the moon
I've seen Spring in these woods
and Autumn buried in her eyes
so wild eyed one
keep me by your side
silk-clothed rose
soft-draped Willow

This is the language you took
from abandoned gardens
Now only yours

© Early Settler